Israel in Translation

Without shadows, the desert flames – Israel in Translation

Poet Avraham Sutzkever was born in 1913 in today’s Belarus. The New York Times called him “The Greatest Poet of the Holocaust.”

An inexpugnable first impression – Israel in Translation

Host Marcela Sulak reads from one of her favorite short stories in the ‘Tel Aviv Noir’ anthology – ‘Women,’ written by Matan Hermoni.

A Tel Aviv beach in winter – Israel in Translation

There’s still time to visit a Tel Aviv beach this winter. To get you in the mood host Marcela Sulak reads Rachel Chalifi’s poem ‘Tel Aviv Beach Winter ’74.’

Songs of Sderot – Israel in Translation

Born in Sderot, the ‘bomb shelter capital of the world,’ to parents of Moroccan origin, Shimon Adaf has written five novels and three collections of poetry.

Standing in line for bread – Israel in Translation

Host Marcela Sulak takes us on an unusual trip to the bakery with Sharron Hass’ short story ‘The Thief.’

On earth as it is in Tel Aviv – Israel in Translation

Host Marcela Sulak reads from Aharon Shabtai’s poem ‘Our Land,’ which features a kind of ‘afterlife’ Tel Aviv.

“Blessed be He who made me woman” – Israel in Translation

Host Marcela Sulak looks at the poetry of Shin Shifra, which is steeped in Orthodox religious practice but also portrays a feminine and feminist focus.

The cloudy skies of Tuvia Ruebner – Israel in Translation

Tuvia Ruebner’s poems are full of clouds in Rachel Tzvia Back’s wonderful new translation of his selected poems, ‘In the Illuminated Dark.’

Seeing out 2014 with Dahlia Ravikovitch’s ‘Dress of Fire’ – Israel in Translation

We hear Dahlia Ravikovitch’s own recitation of her poem ‘Dress of Fire,’ which host Marcela Sulak translates.

Where Jesus walked, told through ‘Arabesques’ – Israel in Translation

As Christians all over the world celebrate Christmas Eve tonight, we travel to the Galilee region of Israel through the eyes of the novelist Anton Shammas.