Israel in Translation

On Hanukkah, kindle a small pillar of fire – Israel in Translation

From dreidels to doughnuts, host Marcela Sulak explains the holiday’s traditions, and then lets the historian Josephus tell the story in his own words.

Yona Wallach’s Hebrew “peeks through the keyhole” – Israel in Translation

Never one to shy away from controversy, Tel Aviv-born Yona Wallach made an astonishing impact on Hebrew literature during her short life.

Ronny Someck, a poet of Tel Aviv – Israel in Translation

Host Marcela Sulak traces the life of poet Ronny Someck, from his origins in Baghdad to Israeli transit camps to Tel Aviv, through his poetry.

Sayed Kashua: An examination of Arab-Israeli identity

Hear an excerpt from Kashua’s novel ‘Second Person Singular,’ which examines the identity of Arab Israelis who have assimilated into mainstream Israeli culture.

Jews and Arabs driven apart in ‘The Swimming Race’ – Israel in Translation

Marcela Sulak introduces us to Benjamin Tammuz’s short story ‘The Swimming Race,’ which appears in the anthology ’50 Stories from Israel.’

‘Valley of Strength’: Feminism in the Zionist narrative – Israel in Translation

Shulamit Lapid’s novel ‘Valley of Strength’ depicts the first seven years of the Gai Oni agricultural settlement, later renamed ‘Rosh Pina.’

Nisim Aloni’s terrifying ‘To Be a Baker’ – Israel in Translation

Though best known for his theater, Aloni also wrote short stories. ‘To Be a Baker’ opens the anthology ’50 Stories from Israel.’

The Israeli detective novel – Israel in Translation

According to the New York Times, Batya Gur was “almost single-handedly responsible for making the detective novel a flourishing genre in Israeli letters.”

‘The Hilltop’ shows us the view from both sides of the separation wall – Israel in Translation

Host Marcela Sulak introduces us to Assaf Gavron’s novel ‘The Hilltop,’ which follows the lifespan of an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank.

The souvenir shop of Taha Muhammad Ali – Israel in Translation

Host Marcela Sulak tells Ali’s charming fairytale about how his craft was tested by a visitor who came daily to his shop…