“Our lives will only get better. Here’s why” – Journeys


The world-renowned economic historian and award winning author Prof. Joel Mokyr, originally from the Netherlands, made Aliyah with his mother and sister after the Second World War at the age of nine years old. For the past 40 years he has been living in Illinois and teaching at Northwestern University. His research fields include the economic history of technology and population, and the intellectual and institutional origins of modern economic growth.

Prof. Mokyr joins host Ilene Prusher in the TLV1 studio to talk about what the future holds; from a technological point of view, at least, he’s convinced that humanity will keep moving forward. “That is not altogether good news,” he adds. “Technology is not an unabated good, it is always a mixed bag. But if you think technological change hurts – and it does – technological stagnation is worse. And I think we are moving towards an age in which technological change will accelerate.”


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