The Promised Podcast

Ha’am (is seriously) Itanu?

Eli Yishai, the natty ex-Shas leader, has just started his own competing party, Ha’am Itanu (The Nation is with Us). Allison, Don, and Noah wonder, can Eli Yishai remake Mizrahi politics in Israel?

Give peace a deadline

The recent Palestinian proposal to the UN Security Council mandates peace negotiations that must, within a year, produce an agreement ending the occupation and establishing a state in Palestine. A deadline on peace? Where will it lead?

Privatizing BDS

20 great American scholars, leftist Zionists all, want to sanction individual politicians (like Naftali Bennett) who sustain the occupation.

Spotlight on the leaders who impact our world: Moshe Feiglin

Moshe Feiglin, the man challenging Netanyahu for leadership of the Likud, wants to annex the territories but make marijuana freely available to us all.

#IsraElex: Picking teams

Allison, Don, and Noah discuss the the Labor Party’s efforts to bring all the center-left parties, save one, under its wing.

Will the elections make any difference at all?

Allison, Don, and Noah try to answer questions about the upcoming Israeli elections.

Give peace a policy

Former Ambassador to the US Michael Oren challenged Labor leader Isaac Herzog on his policy towards the Palestinians and the peace process.

Woman of valor, who will elect?

We discuss the campaign to get ultra-Orthodox women on the ballot for the upcoming elections, which encourages people not to vote for religious parties that don’t allow women to run.

This is how women wage peace

The Women Wage Peace group held its official inaugural event last week, a remarkable train-caravan of 700 women to the embattled southern town of Sderot.

Equality enshrined?

Hilik Bar submitted a bill that would enshrine the language of equality in Israel’s Declaration of Independence as a Basic Law.