The Promised Podcast

Palestinian statehood and the tale of two lefties

We consider the two leftist models for dealing with the growing international embrace of Palestinian Statehood.

Calamari is kosher, right?

Allison, Don, and Noah discuss whether the legitimacy of being an out-and-out secular politician is diminishing.

The great media parallax

The coverage of Operation Protective Edge this summer looked very different on Israeli TV screens compared to American or European ones.

The United States of Israel?

Allison, Don, and Noah discuss a proposal to slice and dice Israel into small ethnically and ideologically defined localities.

Seeing black at 30,000 feet

We discuss the now-infamous El Al flight that took off 20 minutes late because an ultra-Orthodox man was negotiating not to have to sit next to a woman.

How to judge the judges

The Israel Bar Association recently decided to reinstitute the annual rating of judges by lawyers. Does this serve to remind judges that they’re human?

A spoonful of politics helps the medicine go down?

Lancet editor Richard Horton visited Israel this week to apologize for his publication’s controversial ‘An Open Letter for the People of Gaza.’

How Supreme a Court?

Allison, Don, and Noah ask whether the Israeli Supreme Court overreaches, or whether judicial activism should be encouraged.

The cry of the silenced

Allison, Don, and Noah discuss journalist Mairav Zonszein’s New York Times op-ed, ‘How Israel Silences Dissent.’

A tale of two speeches: Fear and loathing at the UN

Allison, Don, and Noah ask which speech was more depressing, and should we even care about what was said?