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Rising through the fire: David Blatt and his first NBA season

After enduring months of scrutiny, David Blatt is only a few games from an NBA championship. Can his rookie season be considered a success?

BFF = “(You) Better F*cking Fail”?

When Cleveland Cavaliers coach, American-Israeli David Blatt, coached in Israel, we couldn’t have been meaner to the guy.

IDF = “Impeding Democracy Fulsomely”?

We discuss two recent trials of IDF soldiers. Has the army started to enforce the ideological agenda of the new government?

FIFA = “Frankly, Israel Foments Apartheid”?

We discuss the brouhaha over a Palestinian proposal to expel Israel from the international football association, FIFA.

My Russian Grandmother and Her American Vacuum Cleaner

“Years passed, memories settled and were invented… and all the while the American sweeper sat in a locked bathroom.”

Meet the Israelis surfing for peace

Surfing 4 Peace is an organization that finds ways to get surfing paraphernalia into Gaza and into the hands of its surfers.

Gendered perceptions of the life of Prophet Mohammed

Professor Ruth Roded talks about her current research focusing on modern-day literary renditions, written by women, on the life of the founder of Islam.

Labor’s loser?!?

We discuss the documentary, “Herzog,” which led journalists and politicians to pile onto Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog.

Not your parents’ record shop

Matt Jevotovsky stopped by Chompi Records to talk about bringing a unique blend of rock and roll to the Tel Aviv vinyl record scene.

The legacy of leaving Lebanon

On the 15th anniversary of Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from southern Lebanon, we ask what imprint the occupation and withdrawal left on today’s world.