Outside Looking In: Ya’ara Shehori’s “Aquarium”

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Poet, writer, and editor Ya’ara Shehori was awarded the Fulbright International Writing Program and is, as we speak, participating in the International Writing Program (IWP) at the University of Iowa. This means that part of her latest novel, “Aquarium,” has been translated into English by Maayan Eitan.

Here is an excerpt from the prologue:

Say I stretched my socks above my knees. Say you noticed how pretty my legs are, say the skirt above those said legs spins like a bell. And I could even say that you traced the exact manner in which I rose up from the chair and started to walk. Say. Wouldn’t you also add something like, Nice legs she’s got on her, the deaf one. Yes, definitely, this is what you would have said, as if I were a grasshopper with its ears up its legs.

Interview with Ya’ara Shehori

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