Between Legend and Reality: the Poems of Sharon Hass

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Sharon Hass’s poems draw on mythical images and on philosophy, reflecting her academic background. Many of her pieces dance on the border between reality, legend and dream, while frequently alluding to figures known from ancient mythology and world literature.

Here is an excerpt from the poem “How Many Times Do We Want to Go Home”:

How many times during the voyage
do we want to go home?
Slowly the gates of night open
the gate of the sleeping animals that gallop in their dream
and the gate of the mirror where the eye sees the back
and the mouth turns to stone.

Slowly a ship goes out into the night
strewn with light and pearls through
our manifest lives of profit and loss it carries
some sad splendor of a promise impossible to keep.

Lonely Arcade Man – Diamond Estate
The Video Within – Diamond Estate

Poems by Sharron Hass, translations by Amalia Ziv, Vivian Eden, Lisa Katz.

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