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The word כבר, meaning “already,” has so many functions in modern Hebrew that we decided to dedicate an entire episode to it.

 New Words and Expressions:

Kvar acharey chatzot – It’s already past midnight – כבר אחרי חצות

Nu, dai kvar – Come on, enough already – נו, די כבר

Achalta kvar – Have you already eaten? – אכלת כבר

Ani kvar ba – I will come soon – אני כבר בא

Wow, chatzot kvar – Wow, it’s already midnight – וואו, חצות כבר

Ne’emar kvar ha-kol – Everything has already been said – נאמר כבר הכל

Ha-kol kvar ne’emer – Everything has already been said – הכל כבר נאמר

Achaltem kvar / kvar achaltem? – Have you already eaten? – אכלתם כבר / כבר אכלתם

“Geshem, red kvar geshem” – Rain, come down already – גשם, רד כבר גשם

Dai kvar – Enough already! – די כבר

Yalla, Bo kvar! – Come already! – יאללה, בוא כבר

Ata ba? Kvar, kvar. – Are you coming? In a sec. – אתה בא? כבר, כבר

Kvar ba’im – We’re coming in a sec. – כבר באים

Ani kvar hozer elecha – I’ll get back to you shortly – אני כבר חוזר אליך

Anachnu kvar ochlim – We’ll start eating soon – אנחנו כבר אוכלים

Anachnu kvar ochlim – We’re already eating (why are you late?) – אנחנו כבר אוכלים

Ani Kvar Ba – I am coming in a minute – אני כבר בא

“Adon Kimat and Gveret Kvar” – Mr. almost and Mrs. Already – אדון כמעט וגברת כבר

Playlist and Clips:

Ilanit – Kvar Aharei Hatsot (lyrics)

Ha-haverim shel Natasha – Ne’emar Kvar Ha-kol (lyrics)

Meir Banai – Geshem (lyrics)

Kaveret – Shir Ha-makolet (lyrics)

Yehudit Ravits – Balada al Adon Kim’at Ve-gveret Kvar (lyrics)

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