Cursing* drivers is a national sport in Israel. Here are a few words and phrases you can use the next time someone cuts you off.

* Streetwise Hebrew will not be responsible or liable for any misuse of idioms, words, verbs or adjectives mentioned in this show.

New Words and Expressions:

Hel’at ha-min ha-enoshi – Scum of the human race – חלאת המין האנושי

Evil mashrish – Stupid person – אוויל משריש

Ben zona – Son of a bitch – בן זונה

Bat zona – Daughter of a bitch – בת זונה

Mashu ben zona – A helluva thing – משו בנזונה

Maniak – Bastard – מניאק

“Haiyti manyak ve-lo yadati she-ani manyak” – I was really a bastard, and I didn’t know that I was a bastard – הייתי מניאק ולא ידעתי שאני מניאק

Ya Tamer – Hey Tamer – יא תאמר

Ya maniak – You bastard – יא מניאק

Ya ben zona – You son of a bitch – יא בן זונה

Chatichat, chatchat – A piece of… – חתיכת, חת’כת

Chat’chat efes (chatichat efes) – You piece of nobody – חת’כת אפס, חתיכת אפס

Ima’shcha (Ima shelcha) – Your mother – אמאש’ך, אמא שלך

Playlist and Clips:

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Shotei Ha-Nevu’a – Hayiti Manyak (lyrics)

Episode no. 49

Episode no. 242

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