Our Missile-Protected Room Is Called מָמָ”ד. What Does It Stand For?

Photo: Zipa Kempinsky

מָמָ”ד is a protected room we Israelis got intimately familiar with during the operation in Gaza. What does it stand for? What do they call it in the safety instructions in Amharic and Russian? And last but not least, let’s analyze the Hamas Hebrew propaganda song.

New Words and Expressions:

Az’aka – Alarm, siren – אזעקה

“Yesh azaka kan be tel aviv” – There’s a siren here in Tel Aviv – יש אזעקה כאן בתל אביב

Liz’ok – To shout – לזעוק

“Ata tsarich lehagi’a la mamad” – You need to get to the mamad – אתה צריך להגיע לממ”ד

Mamad, Merchav Mugan Dirati – Protected apartmental space (Residential Secure Space) – ממ”ד, מרחב מוגן דירתי

Uga, ugati – Cake, cakey – עוגה, עוגתי

Dira, dirati – Apartment (N.), of the apartment (adj.) – דירה, דירתי

Mamak – Merhav mugan Komati – Secure space of the floor – ממ”ק, מרחב מוגן קומתי

Koma, komati – Floor (N.), of the floor (adj.) – קומה, קומתי

Miklat – Shelter – מקלט

Miklat tsiburi – Public shelter – מקלט ציבורי

“Za’aze et bitchona shel Israel” – Destabilize Israel’s security – זעזע את ביטחונה של ישראל

“Medinat chulsha ve-ta’atuim” – A country of weakness and delusions – מדינת חולשה ותעתועים

Playlist and Clips:

Mi ba le-kishkashta

Amharic – Mamad

Russian instructions

English instructions

Tkof, taase pigu’im

Shalom Hanoch – Ki Ha-adam Etz Ha-sade (lyrics)

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