Bro, How Do You Say “Dude” in Hebrew?

How do you say ‘dude’ in Hebrew? You’ll hear ‘achi’ (‘brother’on the street all the time, but in which contexts should you use it? Can women say it? Guy Sharett explains.

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Words and expressions discussed:
Ahi / ah sheli – My brother, dude – אחי / אח שלי

Gever – Man – גבר

Bendam – Human being – בנאדם

Haver – friend – חבר

Ahi, ma kore? – What’s happening, dude? – אחי, מה קורה?

Ma nishma, benadam? – How are you, man? – מה נשמע, בנאדם?

Haverim, ha-shulchan shelachem muchan – Friends, your table is ready – חברים, השולחן שלכם מוכן

Haver, ata haser – Friend, you are missed – חבר, אתה חסר

Hevré – Guys – חבר’ה

Ani im ha-hevré sheli ha-erev – I am with my guys tonight – אני עם החבר’ה שלי הערב

Hashvu az ha-hevré – The guys thought – חשבו אז החבר’ה

Ahoti – My sister – אחותי

“Sister” – Sister – סיסטר

Tagid, tagidi – Tell, say (imp.) – תגיד, תגידי
Playlist and Clips:
Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral Nov. 1995 (TV1)

Ha-dag Nachash – Shirat Hasticker (lyrics)

Arik Einstein – Dudu (lyrics)

Miri Masika – Hey, Achoti (lyrics)


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4 comments on “Bro, How Do You Say “Dude” in Hebrew?

  1. Mike says:

    How about “neshama” or “motek”?

    1. Natasha says:

      My Israeli bf uses neshama(my soul) for more close friends/brother, not strangers… and motek(honey/sweetheart) for me or his daughter… not strange women he just met.

      1. Jake says:

        In Tel Aviv a cab driver (male) called me (also male) neshama.
        Also have heard guys call guys motek so I think both can be used loosely/platonically.

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