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Today we discuss the ins and outs of זיכרון, the Hebrew word for memory. What’s the difference between לזכור and להיזכר, if both of them mean ‘to remember’? And what does a secretary have to do with it?

Guy helps jog our memory.

New Words and Expressions:

Hu zachar – He remembered – הוא זכר

Ani zocher ota – I remember her – אני זוכר אותה

Hu achal – He ate – הוא אכל

Hu katav – He wrote – הוא כתב

Hu Halach – He went – הוא הלך

Hu zocher mashehu/mishehu – He remembers something/someone – הוא זוכר משהו/מישהו

Zachur li – I remember (“it’s remembered to me”) – זכור לי

“Im tizkeri oti, Sivan” – “If you remember me, Sivan” – אם תזכרי אותי, סיוון

Tizkor! – Remember this, you owe me one – תזכור

Tizkor, ah? – Remember that, okay? – ?תזכור, אה

Tizkor she- – Remember that – תזכור ש

Lech tizkor – Go remember – לך תזכור

Wow, lech tizkor akhshav – Wow, try to remember now – וואו, לך תזכור עכשיו

Mi zocher? – Who can remember these things? – ?מי זוכר

“U-khshitorarti nizkarti ba-chalom” – “And when I woke up, I suddenly remembered the dream” – וכשהתעוררתי נזכרתי בחלום

Nizkar be-mashehu – He got reminded of something – נזכר במשהו

Ah nizkarti – Oh, now I remember – אה, נזכרתי

Ani zocher otach – I remember you – אני זוכר אותך

Nizkarti bach – I suddenly thought about you – נזכרתי בך

Lizkor et – To remember – לזכור

Lehizakher be- – To be reminded of -להיזכר ב

Zikaron, zichronot – Memory, memories – זיכרון, זכרונות

“Adam tsover zichronot kmo nemalim” – A person accumulates memories, like ants – אדם צובר זכרונות כמו נמלים

Zichrono li-vracha, Zal (acronym) – May his memory be a blessing – זכרונו לברכה, ז”ל

Yizkor am israel – May the people of israel remember – יזכור עם ישראל

Yom hazikaron lasho’a ve-lagvura – Holocaust Remembrance Day (“Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day”) – יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה

Yom hazikaron lechalaley maarchot Israel u-lnifge-ey peulot haeiva – Memorial day (“Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism”) – יום הזיכרון לחללי מערכות ישראל ולנפגעי פעולות האיבה

Lehazkir – To remind – להזכיר

Tazkir li – Remind me – תזכיר לי

Mazkir/mazkira – Secretary – מזכיר/מזכירה

Zachir – Catchy, memorable – זכיר

Shir zachir – Catchy song – שיר זכיר

Tizkoret – Reminder – תזכורת

Playlist and Clips:

Yigal Bashan – Sivan (Lyrics)

Uzi Chitman – Ratsiti She-teda (Lyrics)

Avraham Tal – Adam Tsover Zichronot (Lyrics)

Yizkor – Dan Caner

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6 comments on “A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. Michal Korman says:

    Guy, you rock!!!
    Your English and Hebrew is so clear.
    It’s a pleasure to hear you speak!!

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Toda raba Michal!

  2. Wolfgang Schuler says:

    Thank you for your excellent program! Unfortunately since 3 weeks I do not get any more the “final words” in written form though I am one of your patreons. Can you check this for me what went wrong? Totah!

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      I will email you, Wolfgang.

  3. Naomi Kenan says:

    Never knew what ז…ל stood for. A big THANK YOU for explaining it! It’s one of those things, like the song after lighting Hanukah candles, that I don’t know. And I”m guessing fellow synagogue dropouts don’t either. So I really appreciate these seemingly little bits of knowledge that you pass along.

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Toda raba, Naomi!

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