The Middle East is a place where people swear “on the honor of their mom” without thinking too much. Host Guy Sharett teaches us all the uses of the Hebrew word “kavod” – “honor” – right from the Prime Minister’s official title to what you jot on the front of an envelope.


New words & expressions:

Kavod – respect, honour – כבוד

Kol ha-kavod (lecha, lach, lachem) – Bravo; well done (to you) – (כל הכבוד (לך, לך, לכם

Kvodo shachach levarech – Your honor, you forgot to bless – כבודו שכח לברך

Ma shlom kvodo? – How are you, your honor? – ?מה שלום כבודו

Ze kavod gadol she… – It’s a great honor that… – …זה כבוד גדול ש

Ani mitkabed lehazmin – I am honored to invite – אני מתכבד להזמין

Ha-rishon she-hevin et godel ha-eru’a – The first to understand the magnitude of what happened – הראשון שהבין את גודל האירוע

Kvod rosh memshelet israel – His Excellency, the Prime Minister of Israel – כבוד ראש ממשלת ישראל

Kvod ha-shofetet – Your honor (to a female judge) – כבוד השופטת

Kvod nesi ha-medina – His Excellency, the President – כבוד נשיא המדינה

Lehitkabed be- – To have refreshment – -להתכבד ב

Titkabed, titkabdi, titkabdu – Have some refreshment – תתכבד, תתכבדי, תתכבדו

Mishakei kavod – Ego games – משחקי כבוד

Ani nishba ba-kavod sheli – I swear “on my honor” – אני נשבע בכבוד שלי

Bi-sharafak (Arabic, بشرفك) – “On your honor” – בשרפכ

Be-kha-vod – Gladly – בכבוד

Likhvod – For the attention of; to – לכבוד

Likhvodekh – For your sake; in honor of you (f.) – לכבודך

Nikiti et ha-bayit likhvodkha – I cleaned the house in your honor (for you) – ניקיתי את הבית לכבודך


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Playlist and clips:

Yehoram Ga’on – Kol Ha-kavod (Lyrics)
David Broza – Tio Alberto (Lyrics)
Hagiga Ba-snooker (Israeli cult movie)
Matsav Ha-uma satirical show
Dan Kaner, Carmel Mt. ceremony
Ariel Israelov & Idan Baranes – Mishakim shel Kavod (Lyrics in YouTube)
Avi Biter – Ba-kavod sheli (Lyrics)
Roulla Saad – Bi-sharafak
Gazoz – Likhvod ha-kayits (Lyrics)
Shlishiyat Gesher Ha-Yarkon – Likhvodekh (Lyrics)


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