Are you playing by the “klalim”? A “klal” is a rule or regulation, and it’s a great Hebrew root to devour together. Host Guy Sharett takes us through all the rules, regulations, generalizations, and exceptions.

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New words & expressions:

Klal, Klalim – Rule, regulation – כלל, כללים

Klalim lechatsiyat kvish – Rules for crossing the road – כללים לחציית כביש

Ve-ha-ikar, lo lefahed klal – And the main thing is not to be afraid at all – והעיקר, לא לפחד כלל

Be-derkh klal – Usually, in general – בדרך כלל, בד”כ

Yotse min ha-klal – Extraordinary, exception (grammar) – יוצא מן הכלל

Bli yotse min ha-klal – Without exception – בלי יוצא מן הכלל

Kalal – He included – כלל

Ma tsarikh likhlol heskem gerushin? – What should a divorce agreement include? – ?מה צריך לכלול הסכם גירושין

Ha-mechir lo kolel sherut – The price does not include service fee – המחיר לא כולל שירות

Ze kolel/le kolel X – It includes/doesn’t include X – X זה כולל/לא כולל

Bichlal – At all – בכלל

Ma ata bikhlal yodea al ahava? – What do you know about love at all? – ?מה אתה בכלל יודע על אהבה

Kalul – Included – כלול

Ha-kol kalul – All included – הכל כלול

Nichlal – It was/is included – נכלל

Lehakhlil – To generalize – להכליל

Hakhlala – Generalization – הכללה

Klali – General – כללי

Yeda klali – General knowledge – ידע כללי

Bchirot klaliyot – General elections – בחירות כלליות

Mancal (Menahel Klali) – General manager, CEO – מנכ”ל

Klaliuyt – Generalness – כלליות

Ba-klali – Generally speaking – בכללי

Mikhlala – College – מכללה

Mikhlol – Entirety – מכלול

Mikhlol ha-gormim – Entirety of factors – מכלול הגורמים


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Playlist and clips:
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Cellcom TV – Ha-kol Kalul


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