Today we’re getting negative. Double negative, in fact. After some Hebrew words like “klum” (“nothing”) or “af pa’am” (“never”) we also have to use “lo” (“no”). So, unlike in English, we use two negation words. Host Guy Sharett takes us through the rules, mentioning English, French and Portuguese as he goes. Oh, and while we’re learning, we also get to listen to some beautiful French and Brazilian songs.

New words & expressions:

Je n’ai jamais pu t’oublier – I was never able to forget you

Me-olam lo shachati otcha – I (have) never forgot(ten) you – מעולם לא שכחתי אותך

Af pa’am lo ted’i – Never will you know (f.) – אף פעם לא תדעי

Af pa’am lo hayiti be- – I have never been to – -אף פעם לא הייתי ב

Af pa’am lo ahavti kach af achat – I have never loved anyone like this – אף פעם לא אהבתי כך אף אחת

Af echad lo yodea, af echad lo mevin – Nobody knows, nobody understands – אף אחד לא יודע, אף אחד לא מבין

Achshav lo mitgorer bo af echad – Now nobody lives there – עכשיו לא מתגורר בו אף אחד

Lo yacholti la’asot im ze klum – I couldn’t do anything with it – לא יכולתי לעשות עם זה כלום

Im einech le-tsidi az ani lo chlum – If you’re not by my side, I am nothing – Sem você, meu amor, eu não sou ninguém – אם אינך לצידי אז אני לא כלום

Shum davar lo yadu’a – Nothing is known – שום דבר לא ידוע


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Playlist and clips:
Dalida – Je N’ai Jamais Pu T’oublier
Shlomo Artzi – Af Paam Lo Ted’i (lyrics)
Dani Robas – Ze Lo Ani (lyrics)
Meir Ariel – Af Echad Lo Yode’a (lyrics)
Yehudit Ravitz – Balada Al Adon Kim’at Ve-Gveret Kvar (lyrics)
Ilan Wirtzberg – Lo Yacholti La’asot Im Ze Klum (lyrics)
Mati Caspi & Yehudit Ravitz – Samba Bi-Shnayim (lyrics)
Vinicius de Moraes, Maria Creuza & Toquinho – Samba Em Preludio
Arik Lavie – Ze Kore (lyrics)
Carolina – Af Echad Lo Ba Li (lyrics)


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