“Hu ta’an” means “he loaded” or “charged,” like charging a phone. But it can also mean “he claimed” or “complained.” If you want to avoid panic-inducing low battery when you’re in Israel, you’d better learn how to talk about charging your phone in Hebrew. Host Guy Sharett takes us through the root – .ט.ע.נ – from which we also get baggage, loaded questions and much more.

New words & expressions:

Rak te’anot ve-drishot – Only complaints and demands – רק טענות ודרישות

Ein li te’anot – I don’t have any complaints – אין לי טענות

Lit’on – To claim, charge, load – לטעון

Hu to’en le-aflaya – He claims it is discrimination – הוא טוען לאפליה

To’en (verb) – Load, charge – טוען

Mat’en – Charger – מטען

Yesh lachem be-mikra mat’en le-iphone hamesh? – Do you happen to have an iPhone 5 charger? – ?יש לכם במקרה מטען לאייפון חמש

Mit’an – Baggage, luggage – מטען

Ta mit’an – Trunk (car) – תא מטען

Te’ina (pa’al) – Loading, charging – טעינה

Hat’ana (hif’il) – Loading, charging – הטענה

Ani tsarich lit’on et ha-kartis – I need to charge the card – אני צריך לטעון את הכרטיס

Eich lehita’en be-energia – How to be charged with energy – איך להיטען באנרגיה

Ani ekdach ta’un ga’aguim – I am a pistol loaded with longing – אני אקדח טעון געגועים

Ha-telefon ta’un, kach oto – The mobile is charged, take it – הטלפון טעון, קח אותו

Ha-telefon nit’an achshav – The mobile is being charged now – הטלפון נטען עכשיו

Hu nit’an – It is/was charged – הוא נטען

She’ela te’una – Loaded question – שאלה טעונה

Nosé ta’un – Loaded subject – נושא טעון

Ze ta’un – It’s a loaded matter – זה טעון

Ta’un shipur – Needs improvement – טעון שיפור

Hit’in – Charged, loaded – הטעין

Ani tsarich lehat’in et ha-pelefon – I need to charge the mobile – אני צריך להטעין את הפלאפון


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Playlist and clips:
Muki – Medabrim Al Shalom (lyrics)
Dudu Tassa – Ani Gitara (lyrics)
MK Ahmed Tibi to’en (claims)
Eich lehita’en be-energia (How to be charged with energy)
Shlomo Artzi – Sadot Shel Irusim (lyrics)
Itzhak Klepter – Lokeakh Et HaZman (lyrics)


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