Dream a Little Dream of Me

Halom is a dream in Hebrew, plural, Halomot. There are lots of songs about halomot, which is great. But how is it related to Guy’s grandpa?

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New words and expressions:
Halom, halomot – Dream – חלום
Halomot be-aspamya – Unrealistic dreams – חלומות באספמיה
He-hayit o halamti halom – Did you (f.) exist or was I just dreaming? – ההיית או חלמתי חלום?
Rachel ha-meshoreret – Rachel the poet – רחל המשוררת
Kvutsa – Group – קבוצה
Kibbutz – Kibbutz – קיבוץ
Ha-halomot she-anahnu holmim – The dreams which we dream – החלומות שאנחנו חולמים
Holmim be-hakits – Daydreaming – חולמים בהקיץ
Halomot be-hakits – Daydreams – חלומות בהקיץ
Lahlom – To dream – לחלום
Halomot paz – Sweet dreams – חלומות פז
Be-halom ha-laila – In your dreams – בחלום הלילה
Tamshich/i lahlom – Keep dreaming – תמשיך/תמשיכי לחלום
Lif’amim halomot mitgashmim – Sometimes dreams come true – לפעמים חלומות מתגשמים
Halom ratuv – A wet dream – חלום רטוב

Playlist and clips:
Ruhama Raz – Halomot (lyrics)

Eyal Golan – Halomot

Alma Zohar – Nad Ned (lyrics)

Ester Ofarim – Ve-ulai (lyrics)

Eifo Ha-yeled – Olam lelo Halomot (lyrics)

Halomot Paz

Harel Skaat, Harel Moyal & Adi Cohen – Lif’amim Halomot Mitgashmim (lyrics)

Yizhar Cohen – Halomot Shmurim (lyrics)

Hayom ha-ze – Tat rama

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1 comment on “Dream a Little Dream of Me

  1. Ezra Walker says:

    The dream and the dreamer..used in reference to Jacob, Isaiah and so many in the OT. I think dreams are often as important in helping us translate the Word as the direct facts of a story. Just as a song can create word pictures and poetry deepens our understanding of the author’s goal message. In the case of the dream, when faithfully revealed, more is passed on than ones words or life.

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