The words daluk, nidlak, and lehadlik are all related to turning on electric devices. However, they could also mean ‘turn on’ in the sensual sense. To complicate things further, the word letadlek, from the same root, is to ‘refuel’ as well as slang for ‘to drink alcohol.’ Perhaps this week’s show is not the most kid-friendly of episodes.

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New Words and Expressions:

Al ha-mahane nidlak yare’ah – Over the camp the moon is lit – על המחנה נדלק ירח

Nidlakim ha-orot ba-hadarim – The lights are lit in the rooms – נדלקים האורות בחדרים

Ha-oto lo nidlak li – The car wouldn’t start – האוטו לא נדלק לי

Ha-mahshev lo nidlak – The computer wouldn’t turn on – המחשב לא נדלק

Lehidalek – To be ignited, to be turned on – להידלק

Nidlak me’atsmo – Turned on by itself – נדלק מעצמו

Ma nidlakta/nidlakt/nidlaktem achshav? – What are you on about now? – מה נדלקת/נדלקתם עכשיו?

Daluk – Turned on, switched on – דלוק

Oy lo, hish’arti et ha-boiler daluk – Oh no, I left the hot water boiler on – אוי לא, השארתי את הבויילר דלוק

Tsarich lehadlik et ha-boiler, im ein maspik shemesh – One needs to turn on the boiler, if there’s not enough sun – צריך להדליק את הבויילר, אם אין מספיק שמש

Lama kol ha-orot dlukim? – Why are all the lights on? – למה כל האורות דלוקים?

Anahnu lo rothschild – We are not Rothschild – אנחנו לא רוטשילד

Daluk al mishehu/mishei – Has a crush on s.o – דלוק על מישהו/מישהי

Daluk alayich esh – I have a huge crush on you (f.) – דלוק עלייך אש

Eich lada’at im hu daluk alay? – How can I know if he’s got a crush on me? – איך לדעת אם הוא דלוק עליי?

Daluk – High on drugs – דלוק

Hu niraa daluk – He looks wasted – הוא נראה דלוק

Lehadlik – To switch on – להדליק

Techabe ve-tadlik (m.), Techabi ve-tadliki (f.), techabu ve-tadliku (pl.) – Turn it off and turn it on again – תכבה ותדליק, תכבי ותדליקי, תכבו ותדליקו

Mehake lach lehadlik oti – Waiting for you to turn me on – מחכה לך להדליק אותי

Hi madlika oti – She turns me on – היא מדליקה אותי

Yeziza sheli kvar lo madlika oti – My “friend with benefits” doesn’t do it for me anymore – יזיזה שלי כבר לא מדליקה אותי

Madlik – Groovy, great – מדליק

Mudlak – Turned on – מודלק

Ha-mahshev mudlak aval lo oved – The computer is turned on but doesn’t seem to work – המחשב מודלק אבל לא עובד

Delek – Fuel, gas – דלק

Tahanat delek – Gas station – תחנת דלק

Letadlek – To refuel, also: to drink alcohol – לתדלק

Metudlak – Drunk, tipsy – מתודלק

Ha-oto metudlak – The car is refuled – האוטו מתודלק


Playlist and Clips:

Lahakat Ha-nahal – Shalva (lyrics)

Gidi Gov – Shetach Ha-hefker (lyrics)

Lidor Yosefi – Daluk Alayich Esh (lyrics)

Idan Yaniv – Lehadlik Oti (lyrics)

Ha-pliz – Al Techabi Oti (lyrics)

Keren Levy – Ata Madlik


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