This episode is about the root .ח.ט.פ, which is used in the Hebrew words חטף (snatch), החטיף (beat up), and חטיף (snack). Why is this root used in the word for snacks? Because they’re something you can grab and eat on the go. Now grab a seat and enjoy another deliciously appetising episode of Streetwise Hebrew.

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New Words and Expressions:

Hataf – He grabbed, snatched – הוא חטף

Lahtof – To grab, snatch – לחטוף

Hatafti pizza – I had some pizza (I grabbed a pizza) – חטפתי פיצה

Hatafti mashehu katan – I had (eaten) something small – חטפתי משהו קטן

Hatifa – Grabbing, kidnapping, hijacking – חטיפה

​Matos hatuf – Hijacked plane – מטוס חטוף

Nehtaf – Was hijacked – נחטף

Hatufim – Abductees – חטופים

Mabat hatuf – Brief look – מבט חטוף

Hotef – Kidnapper – חוטף

Awo, hatafti maka – Ouch, I hit (my foot) – אאו, חטפתי מכה

Hatafti shok – I was shocked – חטפתי שוק

Hatafti janana – I became crazy, angry – חטפתי ג’ננה

Hu hataf janana / ta-janana – He got crazy, angry – הוא חטף ג’ננה/ת’ג’ננה

Hatafti harara / hom – I got crazy, angry – חטפתי חררה / חום

Hu hihtif makot – He beat up – הוא החטיף מכות

Hu mahtif makot – He beats up – הוא מחטיף מכות

Hatif – Snack – חטיף

Hatif bri’ut – Health snack – חטיף בריאות

Hatif energia – Energy snack – חטיף אנרגיה

Mehtaf – Fast unfair political move – מחטף

Politikaim she-asu mehtaf – Politicians did a quick unfair move – פוליטיקאים שעשו מחטף

Ba-hataf – Hastily, in a hurry – בחטף

Hi amra li shalom ba-hataf – She said hi to me in a hurry – היא אמרה לי שלום בחטף

Haper – ‘Snatcher’ (Yiddish) – חאפר

Haperiyut / hap-lap – Lousy unprofessional work – חאפריוּת / חאפ-לאפ


Playlist and Clips:

Matos Hatuf
Hatufim TV series
Homeland (Italian)
Arik Einstein – Mekofef Ha-bananot (lyrics)
Shlomo Artzi & Dudu Tassa – Latet ve lakachat (lyrics)
Hatifei bri’ut
Haperim at TLV airport


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