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The word mag’il in Hebrew means disgusting. And even though we’re keeping it clean on the podcast, the topic of disgust might not be for everyone. That said, knowing how to say eeew gross in Hebrew is critical! We think you’ll be fine as long as you’re not eating lunch.


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New Words and Expressions:

Achil – Edible – אכיל

Mag’il – Disgusting – מגעיל

Ze mag’il oti – It disgusts me – זה מגעיל אותי

Go’al nefesh – Disgusting – גועל נפש

“Roletat go’al nefesh” – “Disgusting roulette” – רולטת גועל נפש

Go’al nefesh shel ben adam/anashim – Disgusting person/people – גועל נפש של בנאדם/אנשים

Go’ali – Revolting – גועלי

Doche, docha – Repulsive – דוחה

Kshe-anachnu nig’alim mi-mashehu – When we are disgusted by something – כשאנחנו נגעלים ממשהו

Lehigael mi-mashehu – To be disgusted by something – להיגעל ממשהו

Lehag’il mishehu – To disgust someone – להגעיל מישהו

Ichs, ichsa, ich – Eww – איכס, איכסה, איך

If/ichs/ich eize re’ach – Eew, what a smell – איף/איכס/איך איזה ריח

Dai, ya mag’il – Stop it, you’re disgusting – די, יא מגעיל

Dai, ya doche/docha – Stop it, you’re disgusting – די, יא דוחה


Playlist and Clips:

Achil o mag’il

Rouletat go’al nefesh

Tochnit “Docha” – Educational TV

Ichs – Reality Show

Poliana Frank – Ziva (lyrics)

For advanced listeners (stand-up comedy)

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  1. Wolfgang Schuler says:

    Why can I not receive the normal English-Hebrew version before I do listen to the all-Hebrew version? That would be more efficient for me, because my Hebrew is still not yet very good. Thank you!

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