The Fixture Needs Fixing

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Dropped your phone? Did the screen crack? The phone needs fixing! The Hebrew word you’ll need to know is tikun, from the root תקנ. Use it when something needs to be fixed.

Tikunim (plural of tikun) also means corrections, amendments, alterations. Not familiar with the תקנ root and its related words? We can fix that!


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New Words and Expressions:

Tikunchik, hendimen – Handyman – תיקונצ’יק, הנדימן

Tikun, tikunim – Repair, repairs, corrections – תיקון, תיקונים

Im at margisha mekulkelet, ani ha-tikun shelach – If you feel broken, I am your fix, your repair – אם את מרגישה מקולקלת, אני התיקון שלך

Tikun ta’ut – Error correction – תיקון טעות

Tikunim – Amendments, alterations – תיקונים

Tikkun olam – “Repair of the world” – תיקון עולם

Letaken – To repair, to fix – לתקן

Ani lo yachol letaken et ha-olam – I cannot repair the world – אני לא יכול לתקן את העולם

Tsarich letaken et ha-tanur – We need to fix the oven – צריך לתקן את התנור

Mi yachol letaken li et ha-tris – Who could fix my window blinds – מי יכול לתקן לי את התריס

Tukan – Fixed / It was fixed – תוקן

Ha-takala tukna – The fault was fixed – התקלה תוקנה

Takalat ha-itut tukna – The signaling fault was fixed – תקלת האיתות תוקנה

Tuknu – They were fixed – תוקנו

Madrich hatkanat ma’arechet bayit chaham – Manual for a smart home system installation – מדריך התקנת מערכת בית חכם

Hatkana – Installation – התקנה

Lehatkin – To install – להתקין

Matkin – Installer – מתקין

Hutkan – It was installed – הותקן

Mutkan – Installed – מותקן

Lo mutkenet li ha-aplikatsia – The app is not installed (on my device) – לא מותקנת לי האפליקציה

Takin – Normal, ok – תקין

Ha-kol takin – Everything is ok – הכל תקין

Bdikat dam – Blood test – בדיקת דם

Yesh sham mashehu lo takin – There is something that is not okay – יש שם משהו לא תקין

Ze lo takin – It’s not ok – זה לא תקין


Playlist and Clips:

Tikunchik Tamir – Commercial

Itay Pearl – Ha-tikun (lyrics)

Tikkun Olam – Rabbi Jill Jacobs

Tikkun olam, Wikipedia

Maor Edry – Letaken et ha-olam (lyrics)

Ha-takala tukna – The fault was fixed

Hatkana – Installation

Boaz Shar’abi – Tikunim

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  1. gayle kaplan says:

    There’s so much to learn in each episode – I listen over and over.

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Toda raba Gayle!

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