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The Hebrew root מ.ש.כ (mashach) pulls together seemingly unrelated matters like gravity, ATMs, and the act of stalling for time. Mashach is highly resourceful and provides plenty of interesting uses and meanings. As always, Guy provides some serious slang insight.


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New Words and Expressions:

Hu mashach – He pulled – הוא משך

Zochrim et ha-tkufa ha-hi – Do you remember back in the day – זוכרים את התקופה ההיא

She-ashkara hayinu tsrichim kartis – When we really had to have a card – שאשכרה היינו צריכים כרטיס

Kedey limshoch kesef me-ha-caspomat – In order to withdraw money from the ATM – כדי למשוך כסף מהכספומט

Limshoch kesef – To withdraw money – למשוך כסף

Meshichat mezuman – Cash withdrawal – משיכת מזומן

Meshicha minit – Sexual attraction – משיכה מינית

Pahot meshichot – Less pulling -פחות משיכות

Ko’ach ha-meshicha – Gravity – כוח המשיכה

Limshoch zman – To buy time – למשוך זמן

Timshoch od ktsat – Hang in there just a little longer – תמשוך עוד קצת

Gever moshech – Attractive man – גבר מושך

Isha moshechet – Attractive woman – אישה מושכת

“Ani nimshach la-pitayon shelach” – I am attracted to your bait – אני נמשך לפתיון שלך

Lehimashech le-mashehu/lemishehu – To be attracted to something or to someone – נמשך למשהו/למישהו

Ze nimshach kim’at shavu’a – It’s been going on for almost a week – זה נמשך כמעט שבוע

Kama kol ze yimashech – How long will all this go on – כמה כל זה יימשך

The show must go on – Ha-hatsaga hayevet lehimashech – ההצגה חייבת להימשך

Meshech – Duration – משך

Be-meshech ha-zman – Over time – במשך הזמן

Mamshich linso’a – I continue to drive – ממשיך לנסוע

Tamshich/tamshichi yashar – Keep on going straight – תמשיך/תמשיכי ישר

Tsarich lehamshich lalechet – We need to keep on going – צריך להמשיך ללכת

“Ve-ha-drech od moshechet” – The road keep pulling you forward – והדרך עוד מושכת

Dai… tamshich/tamshichi – Stop it… go on – די, תמשיך/תמשיכי

Hemshech – Continuation – המשך

Hemshech yavo – To be continued – המשך יבוא

Hemshech yom na’im – Have a good day – המשך יום נעים

Hemshech avoda ne’ima – Enjoy your work – המשך עבודה נעימה

Ba-hemshech – Later – בהמשך

Matai ba-hemshech? – When ‘later’? – מתי בהמשך?

Sipur be-hemshechim – Something going on for a long time – סיפור בהמשכים

Aval she-ze lo yihye sipur be-hemshechim – I don’t want it to go on forever – אבל שזה לא יהיה סיפור בהמשכים

Ze hitmashech ve-hitmashech – It went on and on and on – זה התמשך והתמשך


Playlist and Clips:

Limshoch kesef – To withdraw money

Meshichat yeter – Overdraft

Ariel Zilber – Ba-hevra le-haganat ha-teva (lyrics)

Pahot meshichot – Less pulling (Dog trainer)

Limshoch zman (Knesset) – To buy time

Daniel Ben-Haim – Al Tishberi Li et Ha-lev (lyrics)

Arkadi Duchin – Heder Mi-sheli (lyrics)

Ehud Banai – Mamshich Linso’a (lyrics)

Ha-kol over habibi – Siman she-od lo higanu (lyrics)

Paginas da Vida – Brazilian Telenovela (Trailer, Heb. subtitles)

Lahakat Hel Ha-avir – Muchrachim Lehamshich Lenagen (lyrics)

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