High Heels and Social Media Followers

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How many followers (עוקבים) do you have on Facebook? What about Instoosh? Twitter? And what do high heels (עקבים) have to do with social networks? Well, not much except that they share a common Hebrew root.

Follow closely as Guy talks about followers, following, follow up, and so much more.


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New Words and Expressions:

Hu akav – He followed – הוא עקב

Mi lo rotse od okvim ve-od laikim? – Who doesn’t want more followers and more likes? – מי לא רוצה עוד עוקבים ועוד לייקים?

Okev, okvim – Follower, followers – עוקב, עוקבים

Lo la’akov ahrei me’al 150 anashim – Don’t follow more than 150 people – לא לעקוב אחרי מעל 150 אנשים

Kedei she-lo yagidu ‘hu okev aharei male, az okvim aharav male’ – So people won’t say, “he follows many people, so many people follow him” – כדי שלא יגידו ‘הוא עוקב אחרי מלא, אז עוקבים אחריו מלא’

Hem okvim aharav – They follow him – הם עוקבים אחריו

Ma’akav – Surveillance, tracking – מעקב

Keitsad okvim aharei havilot – How one follows packages – כיצד עוקבים אחרי חבילות

Lefi mispar maakav – According to a tracking number – לפי מספר מעקב

Lehisha’er be-ma’akav – Stay under supervision – להישאר במעקב

Akev – Heel – עקב

Na’alei akev – High heel shoes – נעלי עקב

At tikansi la-hupa im akevim – Will you get into the huppah with high heels – את תיכנסי לחופה עם עקבים

Baharti oto (ke-dei) she-ani uchal lasim akevim leyado – I chose him (so that) I’d be able to to put high heels shoes next to him – בחרתי אותו כדי שאני אוכל לשים עקבים לידו

Akevot – Traces, footsteps – עקבות

Akevot ba-hol – Footprints in the sand – עקבות בחול

Be-ikvot – Following – בעקבות

Tiyulim be-ikvot ha-beatles – Trips following the footsteps of the Beatles – טיולים בעקבות הביטלס

Ve-az nos’im be-ikvotehem – And then we travel following them – ואז נוסעים בעקבותיהם

Ha-aviv tso’ed be-ikvota’ich – The spring is following you (f.) – האביב צועד בעקבותיך

Be-ikvot/Ekev ha-matsav ha-bitchoni – Due to the security situation – בעקבות המצב הבטחוני


Playlist and Clips:

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Karin Ben-Avi – Na’alei Akev

‘Lasim akevim’

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Sherry – Le’olam be-ikvot ha-shemesh (lyrics)

Tiyul be-ikvot ha-beatles – Kan

Ilan & Ilanit – Be-ikvota’ich (lyrics)

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