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Guy noticed that even his most advanced students have problems with the Hebrew words for city, town, and municipality, so he decided to dedicate this episode to these words, once and for all.


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New Words and Expressions:

Ir gdola – Big city – עיר גדולה

Ir hachama – Smart city – עיר חכמה

Arim gdolot – Big cities – ערים גדולות

Arim yafot – Beautiful cities – ערים יפות

Arim hachamot – Smart cities – ערים חכמות

Arim te’omot – Twin cities – ערים תאומות

Ayara, ayarot – Town, towns – עיירה, עיירות

Ayarot pitu’ach – “Development towns” – עיירות פיתוח

Iriya – Municipality – עירייה

Iriyat Tel Aviv – Municipality of Tel Aviv – עיריית תל אביב

Rosh ha-ir/ha-iriya – Mayor (m.) – ראש העיר/העירייה

Roshat ha-ir/ha-iriya – Mayor (f.) – ראשת העיר/העירייה

Ironi – Of the city, urban – עירוני, אורבני

Sifriya ironit – Municipal library – ספרייה עירונית

Moked ironi, ha-moked ha-ironi, moked 106 – City hotline – מוקד עירוני, המוקד העירוני, מוקד 106

Hitchadshut ironit – Urban renewal – התחדשות עירונית

Iyur – Urbanization – עיור

Ir le-lo hafsaka – A city that never stops (The ‘Viv) – עיר ללא הפסקה


Playlist and Clips:

Oshik Levy – Yonatan, Sa Ha-baita (lyrics)

Ir hachama – Smart city

Arim Hachamot – Smart cities

Arik Sinai – Im ata ba-sviva (lyrics)

Ayarot pitu’ach

Ayarot pitu’ach – Wikipedia

Hitchadshut ironit – Urban Renewal

Ehud Banai – Ayara Ba-darom (lyrics)

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2 comments on “The City That Never Stops

  1. Gayl Selkin-Gutman says:

    Love this podcast!
    Looks like there’s a typo
    Arim te’omoto – Twin cities – 
    Best regards,

    1. TLV1 says:

      You’re right Gayl! Fixed!

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