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How do we greet a stranger in the elevator, in Hebrew? How about a neighbor from our building? Could we perhaps just look down and not say anything at all?

Guy presents a concise guide to Israeli elevator etiquette 101.


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New Words and Expressions:

Ze yachol lehechashev lo menumas – It might be considered impolite – זה יכול להיחשב לא מנומס

Hagana atsmit – Self defence – הגנה עצמית

Shalom – Hi, hello – שלום

Shalom, shalom, hopa! Ma itcha, ma ata ose po? – Hey, hey! What’s going on, what are you doing here? – שלום, שלום, הופה! מה איתך, מה אתה עושה פה?

Hi – Hi – היי

Ahlan – Hi – אהלן

Ma kore? – What’s happening? – מה קורה?

Ahlan, ma kore? – Hi, how are you? – אהלן, מה קורה

Hi, ma kore? – Hi, how are you? – היי, מה קורה

Boker tov – Good morning – בוקר טוב

…Kertov – Kertov – קרטוב

“Boker!” – Morning! – בוקר!

Tsohorayim tovim – Greeting used around 1pm – צהריים טובים

Aahar tsohorayim tovim – Good afternoon – אחר צוהוריים טובים

Erev tov – Good evening – ערב טוב

Laila tov – Good night – לילה טוב

Hi-oosh – Hi (cutsy) – היוש


Playlist and Clips:

Shokolad-Menta-Mastik – Emor Shalom (lyrics)

Shem-tov Levy – Hit’orerut (lyrics)

Ariel Zilber – Shemesh Shemesh (lyrics)

Tislam – Boker shel Kef (lyrics)

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