Mm Hm, That’s Exactly Right

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How do we agree with someone in Hebrew? How do we say, I hear you, totally, yeah, right, spot on, exactly?


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New Words and Expressions:

Bool ma she-amart/amarta – Exactly what you’ve said – בול מה שאמרת

Bool – Spot on, absolutely – בול

Bool ba-zman – Right on time – בול בזמן

Maskim – I agree – מסכים

Maskim itcha lahalutin – I totally agree with you – מסכים איתך לחלוטין

Legamray, maskim itcha la-halutin – Totally, I totally agree with you – לגמרי, מסכים איתך לחלוטין

Diyuk – Precision – דיוק

Bidiyuk, bidyuk, maskim itcha, bidiyuk – Exactly, I agree with you, right – בדיוק, בדיוק, מסכים איתך, בדיוק

Bidiyuk/mamash kacha – Exactly like this – בדיוק/ממש ככה

Tachles – Cut to the chase/I hear you – תכל’ס

Nachon – Right, correct – נכון

Ze nachon ma she-amart – It’s true what you said – זה נכון מה שאמרת

Baroor – Clearly/It’s clear – ברור

Betach – Sure – בטח

Todarling – Toda+darling – תודרלינג


Playlist and Clips:

Ariel Zilber – Milliard Sinim (lyrics)

Efraim Shamir – Nachon At Yaffa (lyrics)

Dudu Tassa – Yoter Barur (lyrics)

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3 comments on “Mm Hm, That’s Exactly Right

  1. Elizabeth Fenjves says:

    Guy you read my mind. I wanted very much to know the difference between Three words that you explained so well today Thank you!!!



  2. Zev Rosenberg says:

    Broor brings me back to the related maya ahuz and avanti. More at complete agreement and understood, respectively. But I’ve heard it used as exact or complete agreement in civilian life.
    Anyway lot of words for one episode.

  3. Li'el says:

    I learned “baroor” watching episodes of Srugim!

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