Does It Come with a Side Dish?

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Ok, so you know how to order schnitzel in an Israeli restaurant. But what about asking for an extra plate? For a non-spicy dish? Extra parsley? Or maybe you need to notify the kitchen of a food allergy.

This is serious stuff. Guy delivers the #Hebrew language goods on this week’s episode.


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New Words and Expressions:

Efshar od petrozilia vaksha? – Could I please have more parsley? – ?אפשר עוד פטרוזיליה (ב)בקשה

Efshar od tsalahat vaksha? – Could we have an extra plate please? – ?אפשר עוד צלחת (ב)בקשה

Bishvili ha-salat, efshar bli batsal? – For me, the salad, without the onions please? – ?בשבילי הסלט, אפשר בלי בצל

Alergi/t le-egozei melech – Allergic to walnuts – אלרגי/ת לאגוזי מלך

Yesh li alergia le-egozim – I have a nut allergy – יש לי אלרגיה לאגוזים

Midat asiya – Level of doneness – מידת עשייה

Medyum, Well done (Asui tov), Rer (na, hai) – מדיום, וול-דאן (עשוי טוב), רר (נא, חי)

Eich ze ba? – What sides come with the dish? – ?איך זה בא

Ze ba im – It comes with… – זה בא עם

Ze ba al – It comes on… – זה בא על

Yesh lachem ulai X? – Do you happen to have X? – יש לכם אולי X?

Ma efshar bimkom X? – What could I have instead of X? – מה אפשר במקום X?

Ma yesh bimkom X? – What do you have instead of X? – מה יש במקום X?

Slicha, lo kibalnu et ha-uga – Sorry, we didn’t get the cake – סליחה, לא קיבלנו את העוגה

Ma im ha-uga? – What’s with the cake? – ?מה עם העוגה

Efshar livdok li? – Is it possible to check on it for me? – ?אפשר לבדוק לי

Ze harif? – Is it spicy? – ?זה חריף

Ha-mana ha-zo harifa? – Is this dish spicy? – ?המנה הזו חריפה

Efshar lo harif? – Is it possible to have it not spicy? – ?אפשר לא חריף


Playlist and Clips:

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