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What Hebrew words and phrases can we use to disagree with someone? Which can be written in a reply online but not said to someone face to face? And which can be said but not written, and what intonation will give that extra oomph?

On this episode, Guy goes over how to disagree with someone in written and spoken Hebrew.


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New Words and Expressions:

Mamash lo – Totally not – ממש לא

Ata pashut to’eh/At pashut to’ah – You’re simply wrong – אתה פשוט טועה / את פשוט טועה

Ata to’eh, u-vegadol – You’re wrong, bigtime (m.) – אתה טועה, ובגדול

At to’ah, u-vegadol – You’re wrong, bigtime (f.) – את טועה, ובגדול

Ata to’eh u-mat’eh – You’re wrong and you’re misleading (m.) – אתה טועה ומטעה

At to’ah u-mat’ah – You’re wrong and you’re misleading (f.) – את טועה ומטעה

Lehat’ot – To mislead – להטעות

Hefech – Opposite – הפך

Lehefech – On the contrary – להפך

Be’emet – Really? – באמת

Nu be’emet (nubemet) – Come on, give me a break – נו, באמת

Dai kvar – Enough already! – !די כבר

Ein milim – No words, I’m left speechless – אין מילים

Lo leha’amin – Unbelievable – לא להאמין

Eize shtut/shtuyot – How silly – איזה שטות/שטויות

Kama shtuyot – So many stupid things – כמה שטויות

Ein matsav – No way – אין מצב

Kama aluv – How pathetic – כמה עלוב

Efes – Zero, Nobody – אפס

Ani rak she’ela – Me, I am just a question – אני רק שאלה

Lo hevanti – I didn’t get it – לא הבנתי

Be-naalei bayit – “In slippers”, At ease – בנעלי בית


Playlist and Clips:

Hagar Yanai – Ata Hai Be-halom (lyrics)

Yosef & Yonatan Raz’el – Be’emet (lyrics)

Alon Ole’arhcik – Shtuyot (lyrics)

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