We Deserve Special Treatment

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We all deserve to receive good customer service and to be treated with respect. But let’s be real – that’s not always the case.

The Hebrew word יחס means treatment, attention and service, while the plural יחסים means relations. There’s lots to cover so pay close attention as Guy explains.


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New Words and Expressions:

Tni li ktsat yachas cham, po va-sham – Give me some warm attention, affection, here and there – תני לי קצת יחס חם, פה ושם

Milat yachas/milot yachas – Preposition(s) – מילת יחס/מילות יחס

Yachas ishi – Individual attention – יחס אישי

Yachas meyuchad – Special treatment – יחס מיוחד

Lakebel yachas garu’a – To be mistreated – לקבל יחס גרוע

Eize yachas, al ha-panim – Horrible service – איזה יחס, על הפנים

Eize yachas, fantasti, eize sherut! – Amazing service – איזה יחס, פנטסטי, איזה שירות

Halo, yachas – Hello, are you there? – ?הלו, יחס

“Yachas gorer yachas” – You reap what you sow – יחס גורר יחס

Yachas shel echad le million – A ratio of one to a million – יחס של אחד למיליון

Yechasim – Relations – יחסים

Ma’arechet yechasim – Relationship – מערכת יחסים

Ma’arechet – System – מערכת

Yachasei min – Sexual relations – יחסי מין

Yechasim diplomatiyim – Diplomatic relations – יחסים דיפלומטיים

Yachasei enosh – Interpersonal relations – יחסי אנוש

Human Resources (HR) – Mash’abei enosh/Ko’ach adam – משאבי אנוש/כוח אדם

Efes Be-yachasei Enosh – Zero in interpersonal relations – אפס ביחסי אנוש

Yachasei tsibur – Public relations (PR) – יחסי ציבור, יח”צ

Yachtsan/yachtasanit – PR person – יח”צן, יח”צנית

Sichat yachaseinu le’an? – Conversation of “where this relationship is going” – שיחת יחסינו לאן

Bi-zman shel sichat yachaseinu, le’an at holechet – At the time of our ‘sichat yachaseinu le’an’, where are you going? – ?בזמן של שיחת יחסינו, לאן את הולכת

Yachasi – Relative (adj.) – יחסי

Yerida nikeret be-ofen yachasi le-ma she-haya lanu hayom – A significant decrease (in temperatures) relatively to what we had today – ירידה ניכרת באופן יחסי למה שהיה לנו היום

Ele ha-yamim ha-nochim yachasit shel ha-kayits – These are the relatively comfortable days of the summer – אלה הימים הנוחים יחסית של הקיץ

Ma nishma? Tov, yachasit – How are you? Good, relatively speaking – מה נשמע? טוב יחסית

Leyaches – To attribute – לייחס

Leyaches le-mishehu mashehu – To attribute something to someone – לייחס למישהו משהו

Yichus (Yiddish: Yiches) – Attribution, pedigree – ייחוס, ייחעס

Lehityaches el mishehu – To be nice to someone – להתייחס אל מישהו

Tityachsu elav yafe – Treat him nicely – תתייחסו אליו יפה

Hityachasut – Treatment, reference, reaction – התייחסות

Hityachsut rishona shel sa’udia – A first Saudi reaction – התייחסות ראשונה של סעודיה


Playlist and Clips:

Dani Litani – Yachas Ham (lyrics)

Milot Yachas be-arvit – Prepositions in Arabic

Yachas ishi – Personal attention

Halo, yachas – Hello, are you there?

Ma’arechet Yechasim – Relationship

Efes Be-yachasei Enosh (Zero Motivation) – Trailer

Yachasei Tsibur

Omer Adam – Zorek Ta’aniva (lyrics)

Be-ofen yachasi – Relatively

Yom yachasit no’ach – A relatively nice day

Hityachsut rishona – First reaction

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  1. Grant says:

    I have just discovered these podcasts. I am so happy! What an unbelievable and helpful resourse. Love it. Thank you so much.
    So well done in a clear, educational and fun way!

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Toda raba Grant, thanks so much!

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