7 Tips That Will Improve Your Spoken Hebrew

Many podcast listeners have written to ask, “How can I improve my Hebrew?” Some live in Israel. Others, abroad. But each has their individual linguistic needs on which they need to focus.

So on this episode, Guy provides 7 tips that will help anyone, from the highly proficient to those just getting started, improve their spoken Hebrew.

Ruben’s Pronunciation Course: https://tlv1.fm/happy6


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Tip #1: Watch KAN TV on youtube
Clip 1
Clip 2
Kan News
Bo’u le’echol Iti (Kan TV)

Tip #2: Listen to songs in Hebrew
Ruchama Raz – Halomot Shmurim (lyrics)

Tip #3: Listen to the international news in your language, then switch to the news in Hebrew
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle (KAN TV)
.היום חגגו שערי הצהובונים, את האש חטפה בעיקר מייגן, מי שנתפסת כמי שהפרידה בין הנסיך למשפחתו

Tip #4: Find Hebrew content and material about something you absolutely love
Met-al-metal Metal Music Podcast
Compost & permaculture
Training dogs

Tip #5: Listen to the Hebrew version of our podcast, Streetwise Hebrew Plus
Linso’a – Hebrew version
Ashkara – Hebrew version

Tip #6: Find someone to chat with on a regular basis, even if by Skype

Tip #7: Try to read JPost’s IVRIT
Check out IVRIT, the Jerusalem Post magazine in simple Hebrew


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3 comments on “7 Tips That Will Improve Your Spoken Hebrew

  1. Shirley Jarriel says:

    Is there a conversational Hebrew course that is easier and quickly learned?

    1. Andrew G says:

      Try Pimsleur’s Hebrew

  2. steven borges says:

    The author of the Speaking Arabic books Yohanan Elihay should also create a series of self- study books and CDs called Speaking Hebrew .

    I know that there’s not too many language material books on Hebrew but already one can go with what they have in front of them .

    Also anybody can purchase a book in order to better their Hebrew Conversation skills with Conversational Hebrew Quick and Easy by Yatir Nitzany .

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