In Hebrew, we say, ?נפגעת ממני (Were you offended by me?) We can also say, ?פגעתי בך (Did I offend you?) And even though these two basically mean the same thing, the way we use them in spoken Hebrew determines who is to blame, the speaker or the spoken to.

Guy explains.

New Words and Expressions:

Hu nifga – He was hit, hurt – הוא נפגע

Nifga, nifga’im – Casualty, casualties – נפגע, נפגעים

Yesh nifgaim – There are casualties – יש נפגעים

“Mi-tchilat ha-shana ha-nochechit, nifge’u ke-2000 rochvei ofanayim ve-korkinetim hashmaliyim” – Since the beginning of this year, were hit all throughout Israel, about two thousand riders of bicycles and electric scooters” – מתחילת השנה הנוכחית נפגעו כ-2000 רוכבי אופניים וקורקינטיים חשמליים

“Me’a achuz me-hanifga’im, she-niftgeu kashe, im habalt rosh kasha, lo havshu kasda” – 100 per cent of the casualties who were badly hit, resulting in severe head injury, were not wearing a helmet” – מאה אחוז מהנפגעים שנפגעו קשה, עם חבלת ראש קשה, לא חבשו קסדה

“Ha-im sam ha-ecstasy yachol lesaye’a be-tipul be-nifge’ei post trauma?” – Can the drug ecstasy help in treatment of post trauma patients? – ?האם סם האקסטזי יכול לסייע בטיפול בנפגעי פוסט טראומה

Yom ha-zikaron le-halalei ma’archot israel u-le-nifg’ei peulot ha-eiva – The memorial day for the Fallen Soldiers of the Wars of Israel, and for the Victims of Actions of Terrorism – יום הזיכרון לחללי מערכות ישראל ולנפגעי פעולות האיבה

Nifgeot tkifa minit – Sexual assault victims – נפגעות תקיפה מינית

Nifgati – I was hurt, offended – נפגעתי

Nifgati mi-mishehu – I was offended by someone – נפגעתי ממישהו

Hu ma-ze nifga – He was so offended – הוא מה-זה נפגע

Hi ma-ze nifge’a mi-ma she-hu amar – She was so offended by what he said – היא מה-זה נפגעה ממה שהוא אמר 

Nifgata / Nifgat mimeni? – Were you hurt by me? – ?נפגעת ממני

Pagati becha / bach? – Did I offend you? – ?פגעתי בך

Lehipaga – To be hurt – להיפגע

Lo tsarich lehipaga – One doesn’t need to get hurt – לא צריך להיפגע

Ma yesh li lehipaga? – Why should I be offended? – ?מה יש לי להיפגע

Timchak, efshar lehipaga mi-davar kaze – Delete (the tweet), one might be offended by this – תמחק, אפשר להיפגע מדבר כזה

Playlist and Clips:

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Nifge’ei trauma – KAN TV

Nifge’ei peulot ha-eiva

Nifgaot tkifa minit

Nifgati – I was offended

Arkadi Duchin – Heder Mi-sheli (lyrics)

Rita – Mechaka (lyrics)

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