‘Binyanim’ That Cause Confusion

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There are several confusing verbs in Hebrew. Some are even spelled the same. Be sure to follow along with the show notes as you listen. We wouldn’t want to cause any more confusion!

New Words and Expressions:

“Tamid ohev, tamid nifga” – He always loves, he always gets hurt – תמיד אוהב, תמיד נפגע

Nifga, he gets hurt, nif’al, present, 3rd person, singular, masculine, shoresh: פגע

Ma na’ase achshav, nipaga o nitgaber – What shall we do now, will we get hurt or overcome – מה נעשה עכשיו, ניפגע או נתגבר

Nipaga, we will get hurt, ניפגע, nif’al, future, 1st person, plural, shoresh: פגע

“Kol echad yelamed echad” – Each person will teach another – כל אחד ילמד אחד

Yelamed, ילמד, he will teach, piel, future, 3rd person, singular, shoresh: למד

“Mi she-yilmad eich lilmod, yisrod” – A person who will learn how to learn, will survive – מי שילמד איך ללמוד, ישרוד

Yilmad, ילמד, he will learn, pa’al, future, 3rd person, singular, shoresh: למד

Kol lekach ve-lekach yilamed – Every lesson will be learned – כל לקח ולקח יילמד

Yilamed, will be learned, יילמד: Nif’al, future, 3rd person, singular, shoresh: למד 

Kol de’a tishama – Every opinion will be heard – כל דעה תישמע

Playlist and Clips:

Iggi Waxman – Tamid Ohev, Tamid Nifga (lyrics)

Shai360 & Chulu – Kol Echad Yelamed Echad (lyrics)

Mi she-yilmad eich lilmod, yisrod

Kol lekach yilamed

The Academy of the Hebrew Language – Verbs Conjugation

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  1. Ilya says:

    http://www.pealim.com is also a great resource for verb conjugation and it provides other words with the same root.

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