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The Hebrew words שומר, משמרת, שמירה, משמר, all come from the same shoresh, שמר. On this episode, Guy continues where he left off in the previous episode with the shoresh שמר and, along the way, explains how to avoid embarrassing moments when you’re about to shake hands in Israel.

New Words and Expressions:

Strudel – @ sign – שטרודל 

Shomrim – Guards – שומרים

Shmira – Guarding, keeping – שמירה

Shmirat shabbat – Keeping the Sabbath – שמירת שבת

Shmirat negi’ah – Not touching a member of the opposite sex –  שמירת נגיעה

Shomer negi’ah – A person who does not touch a member of the opposite sex – שומר נגיעה

Shmira al kesher – Keeping in touch – שמירה על קשר

Lishmor al kesher – Keep in touch – לשמור על קשר

Kelev shmira – Guard dog – כלב שמירה

Mishmeret laila – Night shift – משמרת לילה

Be-mishmarot – In shifts – במשמרות

Mishmeret bet / mishmeret shniya – Second shift – משמרת ב’, משמרת שנייה

Hi ovedet (be-)mishmarot – She works in shifts – היא עובדת משמרות

Ha-avoda be-mishmarot – The work is in shifts – העבודה במשמרות

Shmurat teva – Nature reserve – שמורת טבע

Pakach shmurat teva – Park ranger – פקח שמורת טבע

Rashut Ha-teva ve-ha-ganim – Israel Nature and Parks Authority – רשות הטבע והגנים

Ha-mishmar ha-ezrachi – Neighbourhood watch – המשמר האזרחי

Laamod al ha-mishmar – To stand guard – לעמוד על המשמר

Shmardaf – Sleeve for papers – שמרדף

Playlist and Clips:

Idan Raichel’s Project – Hinech Yafa (lyrics)

Shomer negi’ah

Benzin – Mishmeret Laila (lyrics)

Be-mishmarot – In shifts

Shmurat teva – Nature reserve

Ha-mishmar ha-ezrachi – Neighborhood watch

Mishmar Ha-mifrats – Bay Watch 

Shmirat negi’ah – Wikipedia

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