Toddlers and Miniature Models

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The Hebrew word קטן looks small but its root holds a large number of slang expressions and verbs. Here’s an example: what does קטן עליי, literally “small on me,” mean in slang?

New Words and Expressions:

Katan – Small – קטן

Ze katan aleinu – Yes, we can do it – זה קטן עלינו

Katan alai – Easy as pie – קטן עליי

Katan aleycha, katan alayich – You can do it! – קטן עליך, קטן עלייך

Ba-ktana – A bit, small size of something – בקטנה

“Cottage baktana” – Mini-cottage-cheese – קוטג’ בקטנה

Shtuyot, ba-ktana – It’s not a big deal – בקטנה

Artsenu ha-ktantonet – Our tiny country – ארצנו הקטנטונת

Ktantan, ktantonet, ktantanim – Small and cute – קטנטן, קטנטונת, קטנטנים

Ktantanim – Toddlers – קטנטנים

Lehaktin – To reduce, minimize, decrease – להקטין

Taktin/taktini shniya – Minimize it for a sec. – תקטין, תקטיני שנייה

Lehaktin rosh (to be rosh katan) – Do the minimum – להקטין ראש

Nu, dai lehaktin rosh – Come on, stop doing the minimum – נו, די להקטין ראש

Nitu’ach le-haktanat chaze – Operation for breast reduction – ניתוח להקטנת חזה

Degem muktan – Miniature – דגם מוקטן

Katin, ktina, ktinim – Minor, underaged – קטין, קטינה, קטינים

Katonti miledaber ba-inyan – Who am I to talk about this topic? – קטונתי

Playlist and Clips:

Omanei Israel – Katan Aleinu (lyrics)

Cottage ba-ktana

Aruchat gvina ba-ktana

Halva, ba-ktana

Achla ba-ktana

Yoplait ba-ktana

Axe bossem, ba-ktana

Lahakat Pikud Ha-tasfon – Od Lo Tamu Kol Pla’ayich (lyrics)

Ktantanim – Pirsomet

Lehaktin chaze

Degem muktan – Miniature

Yonatan Razel – Katonti (lyrics)

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