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These days, it seems as if everything is measured by ratings and rankings. Businesses ask us to rate them even before we鈥檝e left their doors. It’s all a bit too much sometimes. So how do we rank something in Hebrew?

Guy explains the root 讚专讙 which includes within it the Hebrew words for army rank, escalators and the highest echelons.

New Words and Expressions:

Az erkod al madregot ha-rabanut – I鈥檒l dance on the rabbinate stairs – 讗讝 讗专拽讜讚 注诇 诪讚专讙讜转 讛专讘谞讜转

Madrega, madregot – Steps, stairs – 诪讚专讙讛, 诪讚专讙讜转

Hadar madregot – Staircase – 讞讚专 诪讚专讙讜转

Madregot naot  – Escalator – 诪讚专讙讜转 谞注讜转, 讚专讙谞讜注

Darga, dargot – Rank, ranks – 讚专讙讛, 讚专讙讜转

Derug – Rating, ranking – 讚讬专讜讙

Derug FIFA – FIFA rankings – 讚讬专讜讙 驻讬驻鈥澴

Derug ashrai – Credit rating – 讚讬专讜讙 讗砖专讗讬

Ledareg – To rank – 诇讚专讙

Atem muzmanim ledareg otanu – You鈥檙e invited to rate us – 讗转诐 诪讜讝诪谞讬诐 诇讚专讙 讗讜转谞讜

Israel medorget ba-makom ha-shmini be-hityakrut dirot ba-shana ha-achrona – Israel is ranked eighth in the world for its increased real estate prices in the past year – 讬砖专讗诇 诪讚讜专讙转 讘诪拽讜诐 讛砖诪讬谞讬 讘讛转讬讬拽专讜转 讚讬专讜转 讘砖谞讛 讛讗讞专讜谞讛

Medoreget – Ranked (f.) – 诪讚讜专讙转

Anachnu rotsim lir鈥檕t eich hem medoragim – We want to see how they are rated – 讗谞讞谞讜 专讜爪讬诐 诇专讗讜转 讗讬讱 讛诐 诪讚讜专讙讬诐

Yotskim et ha-shament ha-chama al hakaramel behadraga – Gradually pour the hot cream on the caramel – 讬讜爪拽讬诐 讗转 讛砖诪谞转 讛讞诪讛 注诇 讛拽专诪诇 讘讛讚专讙讛

Be-hadraga – Gradually – 讘讛讚专讙讛

Ve-toch kedei irbuv – And while mixing – 讜转讜讱 讻讚讬 注专讘讜讘

Shidrug – Upgrade – 砖讚专讜讙

Lachzor – To go back – 诇讞讝讜专

Leshachzer – To reconstruct – 诇砖讞讝专

Mishtadregim – Getting upgraded – 诪砖转讚专讙讬诐

Midrug – Rating (TV) – 诪讚专讜讙

鈥淏a-dragim ha-gvohim鈥 – In the highest echelons – 讘讚专讙讬诐 讛讙讘讜讛讬诐

Playlist and Clips:

Ha-kol Over Habibi – Blues Madregot Ha-rabanut (lyrics)

Ha-yechida – Darga, dargot – Rank

Israel medorget ba-makom ha-shmini

Be-hadraga – Gradually

Meshudragot – Pirsomet

Danny Robas – Ani Ba Habaita Me-halaila (lyrics)

Ep. 89 – Summer holiday

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