The Deal of a Lifetime

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In Hebrew עסקים means business. Today, Guy talks about the root עסק and introduces other nouns we should know. Bonus: What do you do when you see an unfamiliar transaction in your credit card statement?

New Words and Expressions:

Esek – Business, matter – עסק

Asakim – Business – עסקים

Beit esek – Shop, store – בית עסק

Ze lo ha-esek shelcha – It’s none of your business – זה לא העסק שלך

Ish asakim – Businessman – איש עסקים

Eshet asakim – Businesswoman – אשת עסקים

Iskey mazon – Food business – עסקי מזון

“Ani be-iskei ha-mazon” – I am in the food industry – אני בעסקי המזון

“Ani be-iskei ha-muzika” – I am in the music industry – אני בעסקי המוזיקה

Iskei ha-sha’ashu’im – Show biz – עסקי השעשועים

WhatsApp iski – WhatsApp business account – ווטסאפ עסקי

Yo’ets iski – Business consultant – יועץ עסקי

Pitu’ach iski – Business development – פיתוח עסקי

Mitoog iski – Business branding – מיתוג עסקי

Model iski – Business model – מודל עסקי

Tochnit iskit – Business plan – תוכנית עסקית

Pgisha iskit – Business meeting – פגישה עסקית

Arucha iskit – Value meal, lunch special – ארוחה עסקית

“Yesh lahem iskiyot” – They have specials – יש להם עסקיות

Yesh lachem iskiyot? – Do you have a set menu? – יש לכם עסקיות

Iska – Business transaction, deal – עסקה

Iska mutslahat – Successful deal – עסקה מוצלחת

Iska lo mukeret – Unknown transaction – עסקה לא מוּכרת

Iska shel paam ba-hayim – The deal of a lifetime – עסקה של פעם בחיים

Lisgor iska – To strike a deal – לסגור עסקה

Iskat havila – Package deal – עסקת חבילה

Asinu esek? – So, do we have a deal? – עשינו עסק 

Esek mishpachti – Family business – עסק משפחתי

Asakim karagil – Business as usual – עסקים כרגיל

Shivaa yemei askaim – Seven business days – שבעה ימי עסקים

Yom asakim – Business day – יום עסקים

Iskei avir (luftgeschäft, לופטגעשעפט) – “Air business” – עסקי אוויר

Yesh lecha esek iti – You’ve got a business with me – יש לך עסק איתי

Hu yode’a im mi yesh lo esek – He knows with whom he’s got business – הוא יודע עם מי יש לו עסק

Playlist and Clips:

Esek-asakim – TV ad

Sarit Hadad – Ba-hom shel Tel Aviv (lyrics)

WhatsApp iski

Ariel Zilber – Ani Shochev Li al Ha-gav (lyrics)

Leily – Shiv’ah yemei asakim (lyrics)

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5 comments on “The Deal of a Lifetime

  1. Chavah says:

    I’m glad you did esek this week. It is used weekly in the prayer la’asok b’divrei Torah. And it’s fun to hear a more in depth explanation

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Yoffi, happy to hear this!

    2. Michelle says:

      Askan is in Judaeo-English from עסקן

      Any takers in English for Askanut?

      1. Guy Sharett says:


  2. Michelle says:

    Askan is in Judaeo-English from עסקן

    Any takers in English for Askanut?

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