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The Hebrew word ארץ means land/country. But it changes when we add prepositions to it. It’s also an important word if you are training your dog to lie on the floor. Guy explains.

New Words and Expressions:

Eretz – Land, country – ארץ

Eretz Israel – The land of israel – ארץ ישראל

Be-khol ha-aretz – All over the country – בכל הארץ

Kadur ha-aretz – The earth, the globe – כדור הארץ, כדה”א

Shatu’ah – Flat – שטוחַ

Boor ve-am ha-aretz – Ignorant – בור ועם הארץ

Melah ha-aretz – Salt of the earth – מלח הארץ

La-aretz – To Israel – לארץ

Izru lahem lachzor la-aretz – Help them to get back to Israel – עִזרו להם לחזור לארץ

Lachzor la-aretz – Return to Israel – לחזור לארץ

Linso’a lechul – Going abroad – לנסוע לחו”ל

Tagid, ata bechul? Lo, ani ba-aretz! – Are you abroad? No, I am in Israel – תגיד, אתה בחו”ל? לא, אני בארץ

Alisa be-erets ha-pla’ot – Alice in Wonderland – עליסה בארץ הפלאות

Aratsot – Countries – ארָצות

Artsot ha-chom – The warm countries – ארצות החום

Artsot ha-brit – The United States – ארצות הברית, ארה”ב

Artsot arav – Arab countries – ארצות ערב

Artsa – To Israel – ארצה

Anu banu artsa livnot u-lehibanot ba – We came to the land of Israel to build and to be built – אנו באנו ארצה לבנות ולהיבנות בה

Matai at tasa artsa/la-arets? – When do you go to Israel? – מתי את טסה לארץ

Hu tas artsa/la-arets machar – He is flying to Israel tomorrow – הוא טס ארצה/לארץ מחר

Anachnu rotsim linsoa artsa/la-arets ba-kaiyts – We want to go to Israel in the summer – אנחנו רוצים לנסוע ארצה/לארץ בקיץ

Artsa! – Down boy! (to a dog) – ארצה

Playlist and Clips:

Ilanit – Eretz (lyrics)

Ze’ev Revach – Ach Ya Rab (lyrics)

Be-khol ha-aretz

Kadur Ha-aretz (earth, globe)

Ravid Plotnik – Bur Ve-am Ha-aretz

Lachzor la-arets

Ruhama Raz – Sheleg Al Iri (lyrics)

Artsot Ha-brit

Ha-Gevatron – Anu Banu Artsa (lyrics)


Shlomo Artzi – Eretz Hadasha (lyrics)

Salah Shabati

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3 comments on “Are You in the Country?

  1. Wolfgang Schuler says:

    Excellent program! Thank you!

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Toda raba, Wolfgang!

  2. Wolfgang Schuler says:

    Unfortunately I am not in the country. But I am with you in spirit.

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