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We discuss Airbnb’s controversial decision to remove Jews living in the Occupied Territories from their site, and the brouhaha and hullaballoo that ensured.

This is a segment from The “AirBDS?” Edition.


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One comment on “AirBDS?

  1. Sruly Cooper says:

    I just listened to the AB conversation. I think I can say this is the worst piece of left wing trash I have heard in a long time. Firstly the conversation should have been about the premises of the argument. Is the WEST BANK occupied. What defines a territory as occupied. Certainly by the UN and the Hague neither Jeudia nor Sumaria are occupied. You must be a country to be occupied. Fact is the West Bank is in dispute and managed by agreement of all parties based on the Oslo Accords. You guys sound like FAKE NEWS to me.

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