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We watched a movie about an ultra-Orthodox woman ambivalating over whether to stop wearing a wig, as women of her station are expected to wear, and came to opposite conclusions about what it all means.

This is a segment from The “73 Days In” Edition.

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2 comments on “Wigging Out

  1. Pearl Shifer says:

    When I got divorced after 30 years of marriage, I slowly came to the decision that I am not going to wear a wig any more. I was ostracized by certain family members and I tried to cover up when going to their homes. Eventually I decided not to do it and just come as I am. I saw such hypocrisy and was fed up with it. Even now people don’t beleive that I’m religious. I don’t have silky auburn hair, rather long white hair and I am the only one in syagogue who shows up this way.

  2. Noah Efron says:

    Pearl, what you wrote is moving and inspiring. Thank you for writing.

    Now that time has passed, have people grown more accepting? Has anyone else in your synagogue followed your example?

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