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Yud Lamed Peretz Street lies in the Southern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Florentine. Although now bearing the fruits of gentrification, the area still retains the mix of residential and industrial with which it was founded.

I.L.Peretz failed at distilling whiskey and had his law license revoked by the Imperial Russian Authorities, before he became the most influential Yiddish language writer of his time.

He believed in the inevitability of progress through enlightenment, and 100,000 mourners attended his funeral in Warsaw in 1915.


Book: The  I. L. Peretz Reader, edited and introduced by Ruth R. Wisse, Yale University Press, 2002.


Music: A Night in the Old Marketplace (Frank London & Glen Berger)


Photo: Marc Chagall’s Les Juifs du Shtetl et la Modernité

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