Studies in Possibility and Details of Reality: Adi Sorek

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Adi Sorek is the author of Sometimes You Lose People (which won the 2013 Goldberg Prize), Internal Tourism, Seven Matrons, Spaces, and new novel, Nathan. Her work is described as subtle and musical, a study in a possibility of lingering in intermediate zones and looking at the tiny details that comprise the reality of being and the fabric of the personal, familial, and public. Host Marcela Sulak reads two pieces of Sorek’s work on today’s episode.

Here is an excerpt from her piece, “Shadow Boy”:

“If I were a photographer, I would photograph in black and white, to
touch the fear in his eyes and the bare walls of the building.
I passed nearby.
Young. Almost a child. Stood to one side – so as not to be seen seeing, as
if part of the shadow.
Something in his gaze stopped me inside.
Outside I kept walking. For a moment I wanted not to understand –
What is he afraid of in this city?”

Missing You by The Bridge Project
Ocean sounds by

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