Giving Voice to Those Traditionally Left Out: Roy Hasan

Courtesy Roy Hasan/Facebook

Roy Hasan was born in 1983 in Hadera, Israel and is the author of two collections of poetry – The Dogs that Barked in our Childhood were Muzzled (Tangiers, 2014) and Golden Lions (Tangiers, 2016).

Michele Rosenthal translated several of Hasan’s poems and says of Hasan, “He challenges the cultural gatekeepers to look beyond the traditional topics, tropes and metaphors toward a different, more inclusive version of Hebrew poetry that reflects the lived experience of those that have been traditionally left outside of the canon.”

Roy Hasan, If There’ll be Peace all the Arsim will Come, translated by Ron Makleff
Roy Hasan, “The State of Ashkenaz,” and “Four in the Morning,” translated by Michele Rosenthal

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