Rachel (Ra’hel) Bluwstein’s “Transformation”

Photo: Yossi Aloni/Flash90

It’s Sukkot again! Over the years in this podcast we’ve focused on various aspects of this holiday — inviting guests, selecting an etrog, the transitory nature of our existence on earth. This time, Marcela focuses on the agricultural aspects — the festival was originally connected to the harvest. And to help us along is Rachel Bluwstein, Israel’s farmer-poet.


Flowers of Perhaps by Ra’hel. Translated by Robert Friend with Shimon Sandbank. Toby Press, 2008.

Sad Melody by Ra’hel translated by Chana Shuvaly

Previous Episode Featuring Rachel Bluwstein

1 comment on “Rachel (Ra’hel) Bluwstein’s “Transformation”

  1. I enjoy your “Israel in Translation” podcast. I listened to the current episode today about Rachel Bluwstein. I noticed at 3:28 that Marcela mistakenly says that Chana gave birth to Samson. Actually, Chana gave birth to Samuel. Samson’s mother is not named in the Bible, she is merely referred to as Manoah’s wife. You don’t need to post this comment on your website. I just wanted to make you aware in case you would like to correct this error in the podcast.

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