Black belt Aliyah: Filipino martial artist Jon Escudero – Journeys


Jon Escudero is a Master of ‘Arnis,’ a Filipino martial art that involves the usage of cold weapons. His interest in martial arts started early, he says, when his father would take him to see double features of kung-fu and ninja movies.

In 2006, he met his Israeli wife at an international martial arts festival in the Philippines. She became his student, and through training they developed a lasting relationship; so when she invited him to go back to Israel with her, he didn’t think twice.

Once in Israel, Escudero opened Lightning Scientific Arnis, a training center in Tel Aviv which seeks to offer a window into Filipino culture by way of this unique martial art.


Martial artist Jon Escudero, who moved to Israel in 2008, with host Rogel Alpher in the TLV1 studio.


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Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting
Black Eyed Peas – Bebot
Boston Pops Orchestra – The Imperial March (Star Wars)
Bamboo – Nopyi


Photo courtesy of Jon Escudero.

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