The “Coalition Proposition Disquisition” Edition – The Promised Podcast


Allison, Ilene, and Noah discuss three topics of incomparable importance, and end with an anecdote each about something in Israel that made them smile this week.


.Coalition proposition disquisition

We discuss the dilemma facing opposition leader Isaac Herzog: Is opposition a form of perdition? Is joining the coalition electoral sedition demanding contrition? In short, should the center-left consider joining a coalition led by PM Netanyahu?

Biometric_passport_of_IsraelThe bio-matrix

We discuss whether Israel ought to require all citizens to swap our old-fashioned identify cards and passports for new “biometric” ones that may enhance our security at the cost of our privacy.

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.Relearning to remember

We discuss how we ought to remember the greatest tragedy to befall the Jewish people, as it recedes into history and the presence of survivors grows less with each passing year.



All songs courtesy of the unpolished sweetness of Yotam Perel

Shara Bamiklahat (Yup, the Yoni Bloch song)
Aeroplane Over The Sea (That’s right, the Neutral Milk Hotel song)
Toasty, the Yotam Perel song
Saddest Hug

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