The ‘Days of Rage & Race’ Edition – The Promised Podcast


Allison, Don, and Noah discuss three topics of incomparable importance, and end with an anecdote each about something in Israel that made them smile this week.


.Days of rage and race

We discuss the video of police officers assaulting a kid of Ethiopian descent in IDF uniform. It unleashed a wave of angry protests about police brutality against Ethiopian Israelis, and more broadly about a racism few of us here have looked squarely in the face.

.A government of Rabbis, Rightists, and a Reformer

We discuss just what we might expect from the new coalition of 61 that Prime Minister Netanyahu cobbled together at the last minute. What kinds of policies are on the horizon?

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.Breaking ranks

We discuss a new report by leftist NGO Breaking the Silence, containing excerpts of interviews with 60 soldiers who fought in the Gaza War last summer. What, if anything, can we learn from its troubling conclusions?



All songs by young Ethiopian-Israeli hip hop singers because, well, you know.

Sasha & Shrulik – Summer Time
Naor Asresay – Nilham Beshvil Atzmi
Café Shahor Hazak – Rak La’Alot
Tazazo & Tzemer – Eema

4 comments on “The ‘Days of Rage & Race’ Edition – The Promised Podcast

  1. Historicus says:

    I wish you could summarise the points made and the time in seconds when spoken so that i can access what I want. I just do not have an hour to listen.

    1. TLV1 Radio says:

      Individual show segments are available here:

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