Yes, you can learn Hebrew from pop culture. This time we decided to check out reality show Hebrew: We took one episode of The X Factor Israel and wrote down all the adjectives used there. Which ones made it to the top?


鈥婬ere are the words we talked about:

讟讜止讘 – tov – good
诪职讟讜止专指祝 – metoraf – crazy
讟值讬专讜旨祝 – insanity – teruf
讗植谞执讬 诪职讗讜旨砖侄专侄转 讘旨职专指诪讜止转 诪职讟讜止专指驻讜止转
Ani me’usheret be-ramot metorafot
I am happy “in crazy levels”
讚执讬讘旨值专 – 讚讜旨讘旨址专 – spoke – was spoken
诪职讚址讘旨值专 – 诪职讚讜旨讘旨指专 – speaking – spoken
讙指讚讜止诇 – gadol – big, great
拽指砖侄讛 – kashe – hard, difficult
诪址讚职讛执讬诐 – madhim – amazing
诪职注讜旨诇侄讛 – me’ule – wonderful
诇指讞讜旨抓 – lachutz – stressed
讛指讬执讬转执讬 讻旨诇 讻旨指讱 诇职讞讜旨爪指讛 讗侄转诪讜止诇 – Hayiti kol kach lechutza etmol – I was so stressed yesterday
讗植谞执讬 诇职讞讜旨爪指讛 讗值砖 –聽(I am stressed “fire” (I am so stressed
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