A dose of vitamin P to heal your bureaucratis



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What’s Shitat Matsli’ach? And why do they say that everybody needs ksharim in life? What’s protektsia? And what’s Vitamin P? So many questions, so little time. Today we talk about bureaucracy in Israel.

Words and expressions:

“砖执讬讟址转 诪址爪职诇执讬讞址”







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Yoni Rechter – Instead of all this (Bimkom Kol Zeh) lyrics

Dori Ben Ze’ev – I’m Dreaming of Summer (Ani Cholem al ha-Kayits) lyrics

Ehud Banay – Coming out to the Light (Yotse la-Or) lyrics

Shalom Chanoch – Strike (Shvita) lyrics


Photo by Zipa Kempinsky

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