How do you end a message, sms or email in Hebrew? So many options, so little time.

New Words and Expressions:

Tihye bari (m.)/Tihyi bri’a (f.)/Tihyu bri’im (pl.) – All the best, be well (“Be healthy”) – תהיה בריא

Ve-she-tamid tihye bari – May you always be healthy – ושתמיד תהיה בריא

Tihye li bari – I oppose to what you’re doing, but good luck nevertheless – תהיה לי בריא

Bai – Bye – ביי

Yalla bai – Ok, bye now – יאללה ביי

Lehitra’ot – See you, goodbye – להתראות

Nihye be-kesher – Let’s be in touch – נהיה בקשר

Nedaber – We’ll talk – נדבר

Az nitra’e – So we’ll see each other – אז נתראה

Bai beintayim – Bye for the time being – ביי בינתיים

Chao – Ciao – צ’או

Neshikot – Kisses – נשיקות

Tov (Tooooov) – Good – טוב

Az yalla – Good, ok then – אז יאללה

Playlist and Clips:

Shalom Hanoch – Ba-Gilgul Haze (lyrics)

Lilit Nagar & Robert Hellens – Tihye Bari

1 comment on “‘Be Well’ and Other Sign-Offs

  1. Perele Shifer says:

    that ending song has a very klezmerish sound (obviously) and may be a riff on the song “Abi Gezint” -“as long as you are healthy”

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