Ya Habibi! Streetwise Hebrew Gets Affectionate

The root “het-bet-bet,” which gives us the word “habibi,” is all about affection. Host Guy Sharett explains what it’s got to do with gay Tel Avivi speech and Ashdod in the 80’s.

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New words & expressions:

Ya habibi – Oh my darling – יא חבּיבּי

Habibi – Mate, dude (addressing a man) – חביבי

Lird – Good looking guy – לירד

Habib/a (Arabic) – Darling – חבּיבּ/ה

Haviv/a – Pleasant – חביב/ה

Haya haviv – It was nice – היה חביב

Acharon acharon haviv – Last but not least – אחרון אחרון חביב

Hu hovev tango – He likes tango – הוא חובב טנגו

Hu hovev mevugarot – He likes older girls – הוא חובב מבוגרות

Hi hovevet ktinim – She likes younger guys – היא חובבת קטינים

Zamarim hovevim – Amateur singers – זמרים חובבים

Ani dvarim ka’ele mehabev – I like these kinds of things – אני דברים כאלה מחבב

Lehabev – To like – לחבב

Lehithabev al – To become beloved – להתחבב על

Hu hithabev al kulam – He became beloved by everybody – הוא התחבב על כולם

Tahbiv – Hobby – תחביב

Hiba – Affection – חיבה

Shem/Kinuy hiba – Pet name – שם/כינוי חיבה

Hubb (Arabic) – Love – חובּ

Habub/a – Sweetiepie – חבּובּ/ה


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Playlist and clips:
Omer Adam & Arisa – Tel Aviv (Lyrics)
Lahakat Ha-nachal – Achron Haviv (Lyrics)
Arik Einstein – Agadat Deshe (Lyrics)
Elissa – Halat Hubb
Ilan – Dai Lach Habuba


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1 comment on “Ya Habibi! Streetwise Hebrew Gets Affectionate

  1. Miri says:

    This teacher, Guy Sharett, speaks WAY to fast for learners!! Its a pity – after explaining entirely in English the vocabulary- he races through the dialogue where its applied.

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